Wi-Fi Siren

Wi-Fi Siren

Smart siren ensures warning functionality by integrating with other Cuppon Smart Home systems products. (Such as smoke/gas sensor, door/window sensor, motion sensor etc.)

It has built-in heat and humidity meter.
Wherever you are, sends a warning notification to your smartphone or tablet.
Easily connects to your Wi-Fi without requiring the Gateway controller unit.
Has a sound intensity of over 85 decibels and blinking LEDs.
Offers 10 different sound variations that may be triggered by time of day, elapsed time (timer), a triggered sensor, or many other scenarios.

Technical Characteristics

Battery: CR2 X 1 (only for backup, not included in the package)
USB Power Adaptor: 5V-1A/2A
Standby State Current: 10 µA
Operating Current: 65mA
Wi-Fi Range: 45 m
Wireless Type: 2.4 GHz
Product Dimensions: 50x48x48mm
Operating Temperature: 0 – 40 ℃ ambient temperature

Easy Installation


Download the application,Sign up fast.


Add the device,Sync up.


Start to use!

Easy Installation

Sound Over 85 dB and Blinking LED

Expandable Integration

Instant Notification



Easy Installation